World's Finest: Our Worlds at War (2001)

World's Finest: Our Worlds at War (2001)
DC Comics
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The war is over and the time has come to remember the dead...and the missing. The entirety of Atlantis is missing, sent somewhere safe by Tempest's magic in order to save the nation from Imperiex. However, Tempest does not know how to get them back. The JLA erect an Aquaman-shaped beacon in the waterless chasm where Atlantis once stood and the Titans comfort Tempest over the disappearance of his father figure as he begins to contemplate how to learn the magicks to get Aquaman back. The JSA old-timers play poker and reminisce about Hippolyta before her official memorial. Sand does not understand their behavior, but Wonder Woman says her mother would be doing the same if it was one of them that had died. Later, when Superman and Wonder Woman go to pay their respects to Maxima's memory, they learn that Almerac has chosen Mongal as their new warrior queen. They are then greeted with less than enthusiasm by Billy Vance in Smallville when they come to light an eternal flame for Sharon/Strange Visitor's memory. Meanwhile, Red Tornado witnesses the return of Young Justice - including Robin, to Batman's great relief. Sam Lane's funeral is held with the President in attendance. Superman also shows up to offer his last respects. He and Lois then fly out to the Kent family farm outside Smallville to survey the wreckage and Superman finally allows himself to admit the fact that his parents are probably dead...

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