Hypericon (2023)

Hypericon (2023)
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The wonderful love story between Ruben and Teresa, in Berlin at the end of the 1990s, alternates with that of Howard Carter who, amid general skepticism, in 1922 brings to light the tomb of Tutankhamen shrouded in darkness for over three thousand years. The highly anticipated new graphic novel by one of the greatest contemporary comic book authors. With Hypericon, as already done in Five thousand kilometers per second, Manuele Fior returns to tell the vibrations of youth, the anxieties of the heart, the strongest bonds of the passage of time. Teresa's life has always been a large, comfortable straight line. A highway that led her, in her general admiration, to punctually hit all the goals she had set for herself. And it is no coincidence that she was chosen as scientific assistant for the preparation of the great exhibition in Berlin of the treasure of Tutankhamen. The straight line, on the other hand, is completely absent in the very personal geometry of Ruben, a young and unrealistic Italian artist. For him, as for many of his peers, Berlin in the late 1990s was a huge playground. A magical labyrinth dotted with opportunities, where getting lost is easy and fun. When Teresa and Rubens meet, fate will change the trajectory of their lives forever.

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