Ed Gein: Demon Hunter (2022-)

Ed Gein: Demon Hunter (2022-)
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ED GEIN: DEMON HUNTER' is an adventure horror story with elements of humour, heroics and a little bit of heart. Told across a four issues mini-series, 'ED GEIN: DEMON HUNTER' explores the necessity of feeling comfortable in your own skin. After a deranged demon escapes the bowels of Hell intending to destroy everything in existence, Satan is forced to send a damned soul to Plainfield, Wisconsin as a demon hunter. However, when he discovers that Satan has chosen the infamous serial killer, Ed Gein, to be his demon hunter, Satan's assistant, Ezra, is concerned that his master has put too much faith in the wrong candidate. Armed with a sacrificial dagger and a lifetime of deep-seated guilt, torment and trauma, Ed reluctantly returns to his old stomping ground intending to capture the demon and return them to Hell before it's too late. However, Ed must first deal with his inner demons in order to capture the evilest demon he has ever known. Will Ed be able to overcome his past trauma's? Will he be able to come to terms with the crimes he had committed when he was alive? And will he be able to do so before the universe is destroyed? There's only one way to find out...Prepare for the ultimate face-off!

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